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Young H Goes In: Danny! Tribute Show

As anyone who’s been following my music career (such as it is) for the past few years knows, a huge part of my angst (read: “I quit!” every three weeks) comes from overwhelming feelings of underappreciation. In short, I feel like the nigga that works just as hard as, if not harder than, anyone else at the job but that Employee Of The Month plaque stays as elusive as Tracie Ellis Ross’s booty (where’d it go?)

I’ve joked on wax multiple times that I can count on one hand the amount of long-time supporters of Team Danny and m’man Young H (of recent flipped-his-review-getting-ganked-by-hack-writer-Navani-Otero-into-a-gig-with-HipHopDX fame) is one of the Original Eight. A quick perusal of Teh Googlez clearly confirms that the brotha’s been rocking with me for quite some time. If memory serves me correctly I think he’s also credited for converting Von Pea into a fan, laying the groundwork for our mutual admiration and subsequent (and ongoing) musical collaborations.

It’s cats like Young H that keep the wind in my sails. I’m sure that there are throngs of Danny teamsters out there in the world; the ones that are actually proactive enough to shout me out on Twitter, post in message boards and the like are the ones that keep me going. In this case, the homie took the time to put together a two-hour retrospective on yours truly (including some songs that I personally commissioned him to pick for my petition to Jay by way of ?uesto) and give you bastards that might still be late to the party a chance to catch up. I appreciate the fuck out of that yo.

I say all that to say: everyone, not just me, deserves their flowers while they can still smell ‘em. In handing me mine, Young H handed me a lifeline; the fuel to knock out another six years worth of material for another podcast down the road.

Click HERE or the link above to download or stream the episode (and do check out previous installments of Go In Radio, dude is hilarious B). If you like me you better reblog/retweet/Rihanna the fuck out of this yo.



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