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They're Going To Sue You


in preparation for tomorrow’s pitch meeting with you-know-who

i had to make sure i still had the juice

hey Ty, remember me?

this time i’m calling him as an employee of Atlantic

to warn him that he has to change the name of his song (with Ginuwine and Tank)

from “OMG

to “Oh My Gosh”

due to a trademark dispute

oh the hilarity

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Help Me Battle Lupe Fiasco


been a while since i posted one of these

that one time

where i called action bronson as childish gambino

to help me gang up on lupe fiasco after an alleged “sneak diss

i know it’s fashionable now to love d. glover and junk

sorry, internet

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We're Gonna Have To Let Chief Keef Go


tried to prank call Chief Keef’s manager

they laughed me right off the phone

hard to believe, of all people, Chief Keef’s peeps are the most skeptical of everyone I’ve called

smarten up Nas

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'Amber Rose Wants To Get On A Track'


DISCLAIMER: it’s all in fun, people. it wasn’t like I told him his mother was in the hospital or that he won the lottery or some shit. I have mad respect for Black Ty and his, like, contributions to society and junk.

in which I prank call Tyrese’s thirsty ass

following up on his interest to work with Amber Rose on a track

read THIS

then listen to this

"can we put Danny Swain on three-way?"

I am Danny Swain

I am The Unicorn

now me and BFF AmTam got a site on the way (Tyrese said he was at the spa while I was talking to him, hence the name)

stay tuned

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"Ya Moms"


glad that busta’s still being a good sport

salute, mr. rhymes

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"Sorry About That 1.6 Score" (feat. Donald Glover)


in which I prank call Childish Gambino as a Pitchfork employee

and offer to interview him in conjunction with a retraction of their spot-on 1.6 rating


EDIT: dude got mad and sneak-dissed me in a “freestyle”, I see you D-Money roflcopter


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"It's The Roc"


j. cole is a bit of a brute, no?

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"You Should Do An Album With Kid Cudi"


in which i prank call wale and unsuccessfully persuade him to do a joint album with kid cudi

i literally have enough of these to release a whole album gawd

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"What's Good Playboy"



guess I won’t be prank-calling busta no more lol

don’t I have an album I need to be finishing up or something?

you’ve been a good sport mr. rhymes

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"Drake Is Pissed And Is Coming After You"


in which i prank-call big sean and try to put the fear of hell in him

instigating some shit between him and drake by way of the “a$$” video

wooooooooooo boy

i’m trollin’, jack

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the first time i pranked busta rhymes a few months back

it was hard stifling my laughter

this nigga is gonna kick my ass someday

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"Yo, This Is Diddy"


since y’all ain’t checkin’ for the new record

check this

in which i prank-call busta rhymes as diddy

he hung up on me like he always does

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"Danny! Pranks A Craigslist Responder"


every minute there’s a sucker born

been getting hella responses to my Craigslist ad for an A3C stunt double for some strange reason

so I decided to call one of ‘em

this dude is 39 years old


Adult Swim should give me a show

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"Oh Hai John Witherspoon"


I prank-called John Witherspoon.

'Cause I was bored.